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Emilia Salvioni

An authoress discovered

From Bologna to Pieve di Soligo

"Io ero molto fiera e piena di bellicosi propositi, rinunciai quindi alle profferte del buono e bravo editore e volli scrivere a modo mio ch'era, credevo, un modo indipendente e personale" Emilia Salvioni


Emilia Salvioni (1895-1968) was of Pieve di Soligo stock and lived between here and Bologna, where her father had moved to teach in the local University. She was so devoted to her home town Pieve di Soligo as to regard herself as a native. She was one of the most acclaimed author from the 1920s and the 1950s, having published 21 novels, 14 children books and worked for several publishing firms (Mondadori, Cappelli, SEI, SALES). She also wrote hundreds of contributions on newspapers: short stories, leaders and nation-ranging critical articles.


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